Work Day 2017 Photos

A big thank you to all of you that helped complete the many projects that were scheduled on work day. You removed weeds and prepared planting areas for flowers; fertilized azaleas, applied snail bait, cleaned pool furniture, tables; cleaned and fixed BBQs; scraped primed and painted facia boards; and the equipment area; placed tree branches in the street for pick-up by the County; and completed many other miscellaneous projects.

If you don’t see your name, we either missed it or you forgot to sign in or out. If you missed work day, you still have the opportunity to put in your time as we have projects that still need to be completed. Please contact Marvin Potts (481-9642) or Dick Pryor (834-7380) to arrange a convenient time to work. Work must be completed by June 16th.

The remaining projects to be done are as follows:

The remaining projects to be done are as follows:
 ●  Plant flowers (when they are ready to plant).
 ●   Find and cut the tree roots that are lifting the sidewalks.
 ●   Mulch and fertilize flowers.
 ●   Caulk around the pool coping.
 ●   Some irrigation work remains to be done.
 ●   Tighten bolts on picnic tables and play equipment.
 ●   Remove grass and dirt to prepare area for placing concrete adjacent to BBQs.
 ●   Place concrete around BBQs.

Please Note:

You must stay close to the BBQ when you are using the BBQ. We are concerned that a child could be burned by not being aware that it is hot. Also, please clean the grill when you are through as a courtesy for the next person using the BBQ.


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